Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sample photos from XR350

A reader asked for some sample photos from the Sony XR350 so below are samples that I took this afternoon. Nothing spectacular, as it is normal with camcorders. Also the sky was overcast so it doesn't help.

This one is taken at wide angle.

The same scene taken at mid-zoom or thereabouts.

This is taken at full zoom.

My hobby is macro photos so I just cannot resist when this moth came around. This is taken with normal macro at wide angle.

And this is taken at zoom macro, i.e. at full zoom so it may have fallen outside the focus range.

The original photos were taken at 5.3M size but reduced to 2M for uploading in Blogger. Only the iAuto (full auto) mode was used in all the photos.

I use the XR350 primarily for videos and if I need photos, I'll just capture them from the videos. Below are some examples of photos that were extracted from the videos using the supplied software, Picture Motion Browser (PMB). These are the better examples as the quality will depend on minimal motion in the videos.

All the photos are unedited and taken straight from the videos. Don't think they will win any prizes but good for the memories, though. Cheers

Ronald Kwok


  1. Thank you so much! There're very good isn't it? And do you never uses the built-in flash when is dark?
    (Sorry about my english)

  2. I think most digicameras can produce better photos than camcorders for the same resolutions. From the samples above, it seems that those from the videos look better than the still shots, maybe due to the lighting conditions. Anyway, I have a shot using flash with the XR350 in my Germany travel Blog under "First Day in Frankfurt" post; not bad.

  3. Nice picture The original photos were taken at 5.3M size.