Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More clips showing Sony OIS

Unable to find a clip taken while walking and zooming the same time, not yet. I believe it is there somewhere but with 100GB of videos it'll take some time to go through them all. Anyway, here is one taken on the tour bus when doing the Rhine Valley. It is taken through the bus window so there is some reflection and an overall green tinge. Also you can see how the auto-focus worked and under very fast changing lighting condition as the trees zoomed past. Also zooming on the castle near the beginning. It think the camcorder did pretty well and gives the visual sense of going on the tour again.

The next clip is taken on the cruise on the Rhine River itself as we neared the Loreley rock. Note the very high wind noise as it was quite windy at that time. Not sure if lowering the mic level would help as there is no wind noise reduction setting available.


Ronald Kwok

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