Friday, June 24, 2011

Travel in France and Paris with Sony XR350

Hi folks, it has been quite a while since I last posted. I have been using the Sony camcorder on and off but not in any great extend. I used it a fair bit in May during my daughter's marriage registration in Perth. However, I was able to use the Sony on a daily basis recently when I went on a 14 days Cosmos Tour of France where I also did a bit more of Paris on my own which added another 6 days to the trip.

Both myself and the Sony survived the journey and I am recalling my trip in my new travel blog, Cosmos Tour of France and Paris holiday, where new posts are still being added. With 160GB of hard disk space available on the Sony, I was really trigger happy with my video shooting and I ended up with about 100GB of data which is about 12 hours worth of videos. The headache starts when I got home to do the sorting and editing. It is a bit too much to handle.

What I then did was just to capture relevant frames from my videos progressively as I posted the story of my travels in my Blog. You can see the photos there and I have also posted some short clips on YouTube which are linked in my Blog and I have also linked them here as well below. These are just trimmed from the original videos that I have taken. For all these, I have used the supplied software, PMB. I only wish that it has a merge function for joining videos. Anyway, hope you will enjoy these videos and the extracted photos in my Travel Blog.

More photos and videos will be added as my Travel Blog progresses. Comments and enquiries are welcome.

Ronald Kwok


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